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My account doesn't work!

Please use the form below and write a message with as much information, as you can! We will try and resolve this issue as fast as possible!

Game is out of stock. When will a game be available again?

We are always trying out best to provide full supply for all products. Sadly it is not only possible. Please wait, until it is filled again.

I want a new or specific product added to the site. Can you do it?

We are always interested in adding new products to the website. Write us a message and tell us, what you want to have.

My friend clicked on the link, but i did not get any points!

You dont get points anymore. You only receive 10% of the gpoints your friend earns.

I completed an offer, but didn't get any GPoints! What should i do?

This is an external service and we can not control, who does and who does not get any points. Please contact the offer provider for clearup!