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Limited Founder Pack Account

Seller: Free-GG

Type: Account


Limited Founder Pack included! Do quests and earn V-Bucks! Many Skins included as well!

Buy for 150 GPoints


Enjoy the ultimate Fortnite experience with the super rare Fortnite Limited Founders Pack Account including:

- Battle Royal PvP Mode

- Save The World PVE Campaign

- Exclusive Banner Icons

- Daily Loot Pinata Packs

- Founder's Loot Pinata Packs

- XP Boosts

- Extra Vault space

- Rare Starter Hero Pack

- Rare Starter Weapon Pack

- Exclusive Founder's Chat Channel

- Exclusive Founder's Pistol

- Exclusive Legendary Weapon

- Exclusive Legendary Heroes

- Transform Keys

- Super Rare Ramirez's Rifle

- Exclusive In-Game Defenders

- Extra Standard Edition For A Friend

- And much more!

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