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A Free-GG GPoints miner, which uses your hardware power and returns GPoints. You can use it while sleeping, being at school or work. The miner uses your Graphics card and CPU while running. This can cause lag/slowdown in other software or the whole system.
v0.1.3 Beta for Windows VirusTotal
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I am getting my GPoints very slowly!

If you are using this software with your GPU, try to disable the CryptoNight Algorithm. This should increase your earnings. Currently suggested algorithm is: Equihash

Problems? Deactivate your antivirus!

Since this is a real miner, some antiviruses may delete or block some parts of it and prevent it from working.

Can the Miner damage my CPU or GPU?

You can only damage your hardware by overclocking your CPU or GPU. Otherwise no harm can be caused-

Invalid LinkID or FreeGG Server Down

This might happen, if you put in your complete free-gg link. Try putting in only the last 6 characters of your link ( -> eAHfF7)

I am not getting any GPoints!

You might have to mine for about 10 minutes, to see the first GPoints coming in. If you have mined longer then 10 minutes, consider contacting the support (

Other problem?

If you find any other problems with this software, please write an email to with the most detailed information about the problem you can provide.